Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection’s Interlude Is 15 Hours Long | Siliconera Preview

Siliconera: I got a sneak peek at Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection yesterday, which included a tiny bit of the "Interlude."

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Stealth20k2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

this game is massively long now

the mobile version of the game (with the 2 new gba dungeons,party swaping)+ a 15 hour new chapter+ all of after story

kvg882810d ago

man... I just finished Tactics Ogre, took me 60 hours to beat... Gotta feeling this is gonna be another one of those games lol But hey - Im excited!!! lol

snakebite362810d ago

How did you like Tactics Ogre? I'm thinking of picking it up.

kvg882810d ago

Awesome - if you like Strategy RPG's then you'd have to be crazy not to get this! It definitely ranks in my top 5 PSP games of all time. The story is long and interesting and the gameplay is deep and customizable. Also, the Chariot and World Systems make it that much better. Get it! You won't be disappointed!

Pacifista2810d ago

Dude, don't think... buy it!
I'm having great fun with it now, that, and Disgaea series!