GameArena: Brink hands-on Part II

After wiping the floor with the competition, I moved on to the second part of the hands-on session. This was a mission deep in the heart of The Ark based around the Security Tower, inventively called Sec-Tow. What are the odds? I'm going to break this down a little differently as I played through once with a mid-level character, then stopped to interview creative director Richard Ham, and was lucky enough to have another stab at it later on with a few of the Brink developers, complete with a maxed out character. It afforded me the luxury of putting some of the golden advice I mined from the interview to good use.

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telekineticmantis2783d ago

of new maps SD. Also a video that shows, how much more advanced SMART parkour the light body loadout has then the middle weight does.

Neko_Mega2783d ago

Can we stop hearing about this game and get a demo or something? I mean I really want to play it now.

ko-zee-ii2783d ago

It's not so much that the parkour is more advanced for a lighter body type, more so that you can access and reach certain areas that the heavier body types can't.