Why Tales Of Symphonia Was Great In Its Day writes: "Back in the beginning of 2004, the Japanese RPG (JRPG for short) lineup for the Nintendo GameCube was nearly non-existent, to put things lightly. Sure, there were games such as Lost Kingdoms and ports of previous JRPGs such as Skies of Arcadia Legends, but the console lacked the variety found on the PS2, the current console of choice for the genre that generation. But that summer, Namco released Tales of Symphonia exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. Those who played the game tend to hold it close to their hearts in their memories --- but why, exactly?"

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Hardedge2789d ago

The one JRPG I never got to play on the PS2 :(

mephman2789d ago

Too bad the follow-up on the Wii wasn't anywhere near as good. ToS had a great cast.