7 Deadly Sins: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Games

GP blogger, IWX writes, "Deadly Premonition: Ok, maybe I lied a little bit. Despite my preface, this IS one of the games that is a guilty pleasure because of just how bad it is. The gameplay is so-so, characters are badly developed and some are just flat out odd; also the story and the dialogue is as cheesy as can be. Picture being able to play a really bad B-Movie. The thing is, all of these things just work together into something very entertaining. Now I can understand that many might find this to be a horrible thing, but I'm a huge fan of B-Movies so this is just amazing. If you can get past the shortcomings of the tank controls and so-so shooting mechanics in gameplay; I really think that you might be able to find as much enjoyment from it as I have found."

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