Games from 2010 that desperately need sequels

2010 was a great year for games, unfortunately not all of them sold well. Games like Blur, Alan Wake, and Alpha Protocol won't be receiving sequels for numerous reasons. Some of this being piracy and their release dates which forced the games to go against such games as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, COD Black Ops, and Split/Second. Goozernation wants to know why some crummy games get sequels year after year and some of the better games are left behind?

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OneWorld2784d ago

Would love to see a Blur 2, but Activision sucks....

C L O U D2784d ago

Despite having about 200-800 people online.

Its still a great game!

distorted_reality2784d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing someone having another go at Alpha Protocol - it wasn't a terrible game, just flawed in too many ways to be that good, but some of the elements were really well thought out, just poorly executed.

brockst4r2784d ago

I agree; it seems like it was sort of rushed out with a lot of great ideas that were unfinished or even broken.

TXIDarkAvenger2782d ago

Blur was such a good racing game. And it was unique! I really wanted to see a sequel because the first needed more content like cars/stages but other than that it was awesome. The game came out at a bad time though...I forgot what game came out though lol-i think black ops and halo reach maybe.