PS3 is lead platform for Armored Core 5

Whether or not Armored Core 5 will be any good (its predecessor received middling marks when it launched in 2008) is still something that From Software needs to prove, but at least the PS3 version should be as good as the 360 version this time around.

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Neckbear2789d ago

Well, hopefully that and their experience with Demon's Souls helps From obtain a more steady framerate on the PS3, which was one of the main weaknesses regarding AC:FA for said console.

Dylantalon12789d ago

i dont believe this for a second.

captain-obvious2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

i dont believe this too lol

form software is just a publisher thy are not the developer

@ below
fair enough

zatrox2789d ago


Actually, Neckbear's right.

From develops the AC Franchise, and also self-publishes it.

Dark_Overlord2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


"FromSoftware, Inc. (株式会社フロム・ソフトウェア, Kabushikigaisha Furomu Sofutowea?) is a Japanese video game company founded in November 1986 known primarily for being the developers of the Armored Core, Otogi and Tenchu series."

Or their official site if you don't like wiki links

"Description of Business

Planning, developing and distributing video game
Planning and developing the Internet content"


a_bro2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


LOL no, i didnt mean it like that, what i meant was, "from Software, Prove it! prove that it leads on PS3 by showing us"

Pixelated_Army2789d ago

But won't be released in NA until 2012! fffuuu

Dark_Overlord2786d ago


Oh, lol

My mistake :D

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MGRogue20172789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I don't think it'll make any difference.. Most multi-platform titles look & perform the best on Xbox 360, regardless of which console the title is using as lead platform

Except for a select few, of course.. like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.. & some others.. But the majority of 'em do actually run the best on X360.

Mafia II is one of the worst PS3 ports I've ever seen.. (missing grass, no blood, bad aliasing & jaggies, poor performance) followed swiftly by Red Dead Redemption. (missing grass, lower resolution.. sub-hd, blur, way too dark at night, lower quality textures & jaggies)

NiteX2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Never played Mafia, but I can say from playing RDR on 360 and PS3 I couldn't tell a difference between the two at all. Some just really love to hype negative press just to hate on the PS3, sad really. I guess I can't say too much, I know I've bashed the 360 many of times. But, after a system dies on you 3 times you do tend to feel a bit butt hurt.

Bayonetta also seemed perfectly fine to me on the PS3. Sure I noticed it did have a few slower performance in some parts, but it's very hard to notice when you're in the moment of the game. I guess it would bother me if I was a true elitist/perfectionist, I'm far from that though!

MGRogue20172788d ago

Well, I've also played both console versions of Red Dead Redemption & I notice a huge difference between the two.

Check this out:

stonecold32789d ago

marvel vs capcom3 , burnout castlevania ff13 dragon age all say hi

Fireseed2789d ago

What's next?
PS3 lead platform for Rango
or better yet
PS3 lead platform for Gnomeo & Juliet

Stunt2789d ago

Of course PS3 is the lead platform. This is FromSoftware we're talking about.

a_bro2789d ago

thats the problem though, besides demon's souls, all of their games were 360 lead.

zatrox2789d ago

...And that's why they're now using the 360 as the lead, dude. To please them PS3bros.

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