3DS to give Mario another dimension?

We all know that there's a new Mario adventure in the works, but what do the screenshots tell us? Will 3DS provide us with a new twist on the classic Mario formula?

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Tommykrem2880d ago

What about adding some dimension to his character?
(Braces for impact)

disgaeapuchi2880d ago

Probably be best if that didn't happen - after all the Mushroom Kingdom is diverse enough to make the Mario & Luigi RPGs stand out.

HolyOrangeCows2880d ago

I'm getting a Super Mario 64 vibe from the screenshots. Mmmm....Super Mario 64 spiritual successor. *Drools*

I might actually steal a 3DS off a child for that.

"What about adding some dimension to his character?"
And have him become Sonic if they screw up? Screw that. Furry makeout sections ftl.

"They Should do A Mario Milkathon, Wait They've Been Doing That For 25 Years "
True....but at least they didn't ruin a deep character. He's mostly just an avatar who happens to be an Italian plumber with his first initial stitched into his hat.

Tommykrem2879d ago

Yes, I agree. I was tired and just wrote what came first to my head. God knows I didn't mean it.

BlmThug2880d ago

They Should do A Mario Milkathon, Wait They've Been Doing That For 25 Years

wwm0nkey2880d ago

Im up for seeing how they can change this one. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 where amazing and since this is made by the same team I have high hopes.

eagle212880d ago

Nothing is, can, or ever will be like Mario. The Racoon power up is back! Lawd...i'm :)

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