Mygen Halo 3 Review 9.7/10

The Halo Series has captivated fans for several years now, with a great in-depth storyline and one of, if not the best multiplayer game experiences on the Xbox. Halo 3 has launched and is the game Xbox fans have been waiting for. Mygen was invited to attend the Halo 3 Press Review session before launch but a game of this magnitude requires more hands-on time than the few hour's they would have had. Without the extra time, the overall score may have suffered. Whether gamers are playing the campaign or playing multiplayer, nothing compares with being able to expand the experience from a local situation into a massive online experience over Xbox Live.

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Young Capwn4089d ago

What i love the most was the beautiful 640p HD graphics!

BIadestarX4089d ago

What I love the most is that regardless of the res.. this game is making PS3 games sells an insult to mention and no game on the PS3 will ever... ever... ever... sell as many copies as this game... and to make matter worst... it's getting better reviews than any game on the PS3 regardless of how much Sony keep hyping the graphics of the PS3 games (Lair anyone?)... ohh yeah... don't let me start talking about Frame rate issues... because... maybe.. just maybe... PS3 game developers should try to stop trying so hard to make a game look good.. and start making games that run smooth on the hardware.

Young Capwn4089d ago

Only reason Lair tanked, was because noone wanted to get past the learning hump. It's actually a pretty decent game.

Ohter than Lair All the other PS3 exclusives are excellent, Heavenly sword was fu*king amazing. and KZ2 will be a huge step up from the previous.

Its about getting better not getting worse, Halo 3 Could have been better if it wasnt held back by the 360.

I know someone is gonna bring up Gears But you know what? Gears is ALOT smaller of a game Halo is HUGE with the huge maps and all the featuers so they had to cut off resolution then make a excuse.

xplosneer4089d ago

It balances out....
Nasim Stella and this guy vs FirstKnight Power of Green and The MART

Synex4089d ago

Blade just trade in your 360 now before their price drops like crazy.

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NextGen24Gamer4089d ago

Halo 3 has been criticized for its graphics from first impressions in the Halo 3 Beta which was released earlier this year. Between then and launch, the graphics in the retail version of Halo 3 have improved dramatically. Halo 3 may not have the best graphics seen to date, but really packs in an impressive lighting system which makes parts of the game look nothing less than spectacular.
The lighting system, combined with the water effects in Halo 3 really create a perfect atmosphere and keep you engaged in the game for a long period of time, also allowing you to admire the graphics as you go. Not only are the effects in Halo 3 brilliant, but the Character Models and detail in game and in cinematic’s has been really well done and puts the lid on one of the best games of all time.

lib94089d ago

I stopped reading after "great in-depth storyline", sure the multiplayer is good, but the single player mode was horrible.

Synex4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

It seems the Halo 3 hype is dieing down quite quickly.

I would like to point out that it's not too late to join the dark side and PLAY B3YOND especially since you will be able to get a PS3 for $299 after using the Sony Visa, and besides UT3 will dominate online console gaming within 2 months.

Jdash244089d ago

the only bad thing about halo 3 is noob teammates

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The story is too old to be commented.