Get Fit with Mel B.

GamerFitNation's Kimberly Colston reviews Get Fit with Mel B. "Get Fit with Mel B is a fitness game created to aide people in the attempts of getting fit. It provides the necessary tools you’ll need to lead a healthy lifestyle."

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bfigaro2784d ago

Let me get fit with Mel B. Im check it out!

NukaCola2784d ago

This looks pretty cool. I read an article in a magazine that this is the 2nd best work out game for PS3 next to EA Sports Active, which I own and have to say is horribly brutal...YOU WILL GET A WORKOUT! So I am very confident in this one too.

MrMickeal2784d ago

I wouldnt mind getting fit with Mel B

Kran2784d ago

I wouldnt mind getting with fit- Getting Fit with Mel B ;)

SmokeyMcBear2784d ago

god these fitness games are ruining gaming.

Kran2784d ago

Let me guess. You're one of those who like to play same old shooters 24/7? Gaining weight rather than losing it?

SmokeyMcBear2784d ago

No.. but I like to go outside and play basketball, or go for a hike, instead of being infront of a god damn tv while trying to do "excercise". GO OUTSIDE!

xtheownerzx2784d ago

How so? I feel as though there encouraging gamers to get out there and do something about their lives. Think about it, fitness games subliminal help you to live longer. This is my opinion being more health conscious can extend your life.

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