Angry Joe: Mindjack review

Angry Joe literally loses his mind reviewing Mindjack from Square Enix. Do we already have a strong candidate for Worst Game of 2011? How can a concept this interesting be executed so poorly?

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Pozzle2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

"'Unknown neautralized?' YOU KILLED HIM! HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

I chuckled.

"The bigger they are, the harder they come."

I lol'ed.

maawdawg2879d ago

I have always liked the Angry Joe reviews, good to see he splintered off to his own site rather than being buried at BlisteredThumbs.

Also, I don't understand what has happened to Square, they have just completely gone off the rails in the past few years. It is sad to see because some of my fondest PSOne memories were from their games.

Troll-without-Bridge2879d ago

This game is made by feelplus, you know, the company who helped developing Lost odyssey, made No more heroes and moon dive.

I've tried this game and its decent, not a 1\10 game like this moron makes it seem.

maawdawg2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Square still published it. They have to know enough not to put these junk games on the market. You can't just blame the developer, a publisher plays a big role in what a game is by the time it gets on the shelf. Most of the stuff with their name on it is only passable now, where a generation ago a game with their logo on it meant it was going to be among the best available on the platform.

Look at some of the recent games they have developed, published, or had their hands in. I am not a huge metacritic fan but it shows trends at least. These are listed recent to older. Sure, they have some good games in there as well but nothing I would classify as anywhere near great. This is their "average or worse" retail games since only 9/2008. It is a far bigger list than their "hits" and the scores are dropping.

Mindjack - metacritic 42
FF14 - 49
Front Mission Evolved - 55
Kane & Lynch 2 - 63
NIER - 67
Last Remnant - 66
Star Ocean - 72
Infinite Undiscovery - 68

In that same period they had two console "hits" that broke 80 one was their own (FF13) and the other was Just Cause 2 which they published for Eidos.

I was a huge Square fan from Nintendo right on up through PS2 but I have lost a lot of confidence in them as a company with their output this generation.

lucifon2879d ago

Loved this review, saw it a few weeks ago. Hilarious!

Stealth20k2879d ago

remember square enix just published this so they automatically get money.

Someone else not apart of square made this

ramza042879d ago

I would not want my companies' name on the cover of this heaping pile of shit especially if i was square enix. It just makes them look bad....

OneWorld2879d ago

Daaaaaaaaaammm homie went hard.

Troll-without-Bridge2879d ago

Thats why he remains in the anonymity, incompetence.

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