20 of the Worst Games Ever Played

The Twinfinite staff asks fans on Facebook and Twitter what were the worst games they have ever played. This article selects 20 of the worst games submitted by the community.

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EvilWay1964d ago

Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, LA Noire, Watch Dogs, and AC Unity should not ever be listed as "worst games I have ever played".

I have heard a lot of people say the souls series because it was too hard for them. Doesn't equal worst game reason

LA Noire was great and different

Watch Dogs didn't live up to the hype but still a good game overall

AC Unity broken mess but not bad

bangoskank1963d ago

Right? When did they start playing video games? six years ago. I like how some of these knobs say that nes era games were some of the worst. Maybe if you play them now but back then they were pretty damn awesome and built a foundation for games today.

Manubiggs1963d ago

totally agree. Have these guys been on steam recently - there is some real crap that gets published there even Pewdie Pie wouldnt touch.

bixxel1956d ago

And this:

Now tell me WATCH_DOGS is a bad looking game.

MoeStedley1963d ago

Watch Dogs running with The Worse mod maxed out was absolutely insane. There arent many games where I can just walk down the street looking at things..

2pacalypsenow1963d ago

Same here playing in 4k maxed out with the mod looks and plays great . Really fun game

bixxel1956d ago

There's a FAR BETTER mod released:
This mod suddenly skyrocketed my FPS by 9~10!!!

MoeStedley1955d ago

bixxel - thats a nice looking mod, but I like The Worse a lot more. I like heavy dof, which your mod is lacking. Still amazing!

Khajiit861963d ago

It got boring to me, but I agree. It did some things I have not really seen in gaming before. Hopefully they use that and make the next one much better.

bixxel1956d ago

I hear they're working on a Watch Dogs mod that allows you to shoot WHILE DRIVING..
One of the newer mods allow you to rotate camera around 180 in your car first person view. And this is a game with no mod tools. Imagine what mod tools could do.

Manubiggs1963d ago

loved LA Noire, sad that a sequel is unlikely

Acquiescence1963d ago

If the writer really did include L.A. Noire in his list then I'm glad I didn't give the article a hit. L.A. Noire was fantastic - I'm still waiting for a sequel announcement.

Khajiit861963d ago

Now for the worst websites of all time


I think you can def. come up with a better list than that, I mean theres like what? 30-50 years of gaming now and this is what you come up with?

Kal-V31963d ago

Nice try. The hate train has left the station on that one. No one is watching anymore, you can stop pretending you hate it. ;P

Sarah_Ch1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I'm not pretending anything I just truly hate it one of the most disappointing games I've ever played, and that's my opinion so you should respect mine cuz I respect yours :)

Spotie1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Masking trolling as your opinion doesn't really work. Frankly, you being disappointed is almost entirely your fault.

When a game is bad enough to be counted among the worst ever, it's gotta suck on a technical level, not just be part of some controversy, or not live up to its hype. As such, The Order doesn't count.

Unless you're trolling, of course. Then it's fair game.

[email protected]: Your eyes must not work. That, or reading isn't your strong suit.

Did I say "anyone who hated The Order" is trolling? I didn't, did I? So what was the point of that? Oh, just another straw man argument? Typical, I guess.

" You mean a game can't just be..."

No, because it'll still be better than a broken piece of crap that doesn't work. Get it? Understand how something you CAN'T even play is inherently worse than something that's not interesting to play? I won't be surprised if you don't.

What hype? I see a lot of people who are fans of a brand that's not even PlayStation talking all this hype The Order supposedly didn't live up to, but I remember far more hatred than hype. Pretty sure most people do, except the ones suddenly saying it was a failure. I know you won't, but try counting the number of articles slamming The Order versus those praising it. Yeah, hype...

Pretty sure a more likely definition of trolling is to constantly decry a game you haven't played/have no intention of playing, made by a company you constantly insult on a console you do nothing but hate on. That doesn't fit me, and even though his comment here is definitely ridiculous, it doesn't fit nobasic, either.

That just leaves you.

gangsta_red1963d ago

So anyone who hated The Order 1888 is trolling? You mean people just can't be disappointed in a game anymore, as you posted in a Titanfall article a while back?

"it's gotta suck on a technical level"

Says who? I love these made up rules just to defend The Order. You mean a game can't just be bland, boring and not engaging to be considered the worst ever?

And it didn't live up to it's hype, its painful bad reviews is proof of that.

I think it's actually you who's trolling everyone here with your constant defense of The Order and accusing anyone who doesn't like it of trolling.

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