Why Shenmue III is a bad idea

X360Mag: Legendary producer/developer Yu Suzuki has stated that Sega would ‘probably’ let him create the much-anticipated Shenmue III. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

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guigsy2839d ago

This article is full of conjecture. We need this sequel because they haven't finished the story yet. They can bring it out as a downloadable game with the same game engine for all I care.

TimmyShire2839d ago

We need the sequel so the story is finished?

You've seen the Matrix trilogy, right?

TimmyShire2839d ago

As much as I liked Shenmue, its not something I'm particularly interested in anymore. Leave it where it is, god damn it.

Smootherkuzz2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

People have been wanting the next adventure for years, does he kick dudes butt who killed his father and what kind of a adventure stands in the way? I say bring it- and Game Room is not that bad I visit from time to time and I also replay Shenmue 1 and 2 because it still brings a certain kind of fun that the games today just don't have. Shenmue lll is a great idea.

Smootherkuzz2839d ago

Should bring some of those older titles back so we can have fun on todays equipment,redone - game like: Road Rash,Skitchin and two that would make good on Kinect-32x Supreme Warrior an Sega Prize Fighter. I'm sure there is alot more that would be good today. The video games today are becoming stale and can use some old ideas to help bring the fun back.

shades722839d ago

Aren't the Yakuza games the next best thing?