Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Gets Free Download Content

Andriasang: Coinciding with today's Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy release, Square Enix has detailed some of the game's upcoming free download content.

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BlueEye2788d ago DLC is news worty now a days, thats sad.

DarkBlood2787d ago

wait its already out i thought it only comes out till march 22nd?

Ddouble2787d ago

It's out in japan today.
Its out on te 25th where i'm at.

DarkBlood2787d ago

ah ok march 22nd is canadas release date and america i think too idk

Ddouble2787d ago

Any word on Cloud's KH amd Lightning's Aya Brea costume for EU?

Goeres2787d ago

Think that's for special preorders only. :)

Limited edition iirc.

Ddouble2787d ago

Last i read those were for NA only depending on where you preorder for Cloud's costume and i'm not sure about Lightning's.

We get Squall and Tifa's for preordering the legacy edition over here but nothing on those 2.