GDC 2011: David Jaffe Feels Boot-up Times On Console Games Are Too Long

Speaking at a panel at GDC, David Jaffe not only talked about how he felt games had too many updates and day one updates shouldn't be needed -- he also talked about how he feels games take forever to get you into them. He said that from the second you put the game in the console to when you actually start playing it takes way too long.

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NewMonday2883d ago

I agree totally, Sony should listen to this man, especially about the sleep mode.

MoeThirteen2883d ago

The continue option I can get behind. Also I'm not hating on the makers of the game, but I don't see why your logo needs so much time on my screen especially if there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen. I just wanna play.

Rocker27912883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Console boot ups are actually the reason I favor PC gaming. With the PC, if I want to play a game, I make maybe two clicks and BAM I'm in the game. With the console I have to boot the console, navigate the dashboard, then sit through the game sponsor screens, and finally wait for the game to load.

As Jaffe mentioned Brotherhood, I am reminded why I stopped playing the multiplayer in the first place. It just took too long to get into a match and get the game going. This is something that I love about games like Black Ops for instance. I can boot up the multiplayer exe and from there if I have my classes set up all I have to do is pick a server and I'm in.


Hummm... Not. You can just turn auto start on, so you just put the disc in and the game starts. You still have to watch developers and engine tools logos, but you have to watch it on PC too unless you are messing with database stuff (i.e. not the way it were designed to be used).

And actually, some of the worst boot up times on recent games are from PC games. Just look at anything Maxis. The matter have little to do with platform. The discussion is about devs putting way too much stuff between you and the game.

xDSJxPyro2882d ago

While load times are getting a bit longer it seems, games like Grand Theft Auto IV are a thing of beauty. I remember dreading the bridge crossing in previous games. I hated those load zones.

Now with the ability to install HDD, they are getting better, but with things like Blu-ray which have low read speed for the time being at least, I don't really mind it.

MGRogue20172882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Call of Duty Black Ops loads up pretty damn fast..

It's amazing how you can get into a full-on MP firefight & be playing within minutes..

CaptainMarvelQ82882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

yes,because a century old eninge with low quality graphics and simple mechanics take no time time load on this generation's consoles

NeloAnjelo2880d ago

COD will die if this ever happens, as it's a patch fest. This is why this, which Jaffe proposes won't happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.