Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review (LOT)

Lens of Truth writes - "A new entry to the Castlevania franchise is here with a new quest and an endless supply of blood sucking vampires and werewolves to slay, but will it be any better than the last 3D attempt that ended in failure? We proudly present this brutally honest review to see if a reboot of this classic franchise was the right decision to make."

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Tempjf4360d ago

Excellent game. One of my favorites from last year. No one really talked about it when it came time for GOTY awards either.

just_the_tip4360d ago

Best ending of the year too.

floetry1014360d ago

Criminally underrated and in my opinion more satisfying than God of War 3. Aside from a few questionable design decisions, it still had great gameplay, an interesting story, and truly epic scope, something which a number of games lay claim to, but rarely deliver on.

IoriYasakani4360d ago

surprise game of the year! I want to play the DLC

Flexatron4359d ago

This game was awesome! Hope Konami has mercury steam make another Castlevania in the future.