IGN: GDC: Akimi Village - Fun without Conflict

Unlike so many other games where the premise is to fight off a horde of monsters or blast your way through enemies guns blazing, Akimi Village has no traditional sort of conflict. Sure, an enemy of sorts exists in the darkness you're trying to wash away from the land with light, but you're never going to see a Game Over or "You're Dead" screen.

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Xof2838d ago

Old tired joke, can't spell ignorance without, etc., etc.

Game looks fairly interesting, if simple. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that "traditional sorts of conflict" come in three varieties, typically taught in 8th Grade English classes: Man vs Man, Man vs Nature and Man vs Self. Akimi Village very clearly relies on the Man vs Nature conflict.

But I will echo the author's sentiment: it's always nice to see games whose mechanics do NOT revolve around combat.