IGN: MLB 2K11 Made Me Almost Like Pitching

Pitching in baseball games has been pretty much the same thing for the last few years. You've got the pitch selection, and you aim where you want the ball to go, and then a meter comes up for you to time your throw (because, you know, that's totally how a pitcher does it, with a rhythm game).

However, MLB 2K11 throws a changeup (baseball joke!). You use the control stick to simulate the windup and pitch an actual baseball player would go through.

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ShAkKa4749d ago

What a way to waste people's time IGN.They have been using this same mechanic for years now.

Spitfire_Riggz4749d ago

The control stick is not realistic either. I still prefer the old rhythm game anyways. But if they do want to get realistic the best way would be through MOVE

MintBerryCrunch4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

ALMOST made me like pitching


MLB 2K11 Mid-Summer Classic Achievement Available Now

Like last year’s MLB 2k10, 2K11 has a date specific achievement involving this game. The achievement is called, “Mid-Summer Classic” and the description simply says, “Play the All-Star game in MLB Today.” Even though the All-Star game is not until tomorrow, 2K Sports is giving us three whole days to get this achievement out of the way. That’s right, you all have from the rest of today (July 11) until July 13th to knock this achievement out of the park.

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Major League Baseball 2k11 Review - Realm of Gaming

Calvin Kemph states, "While there's nothing worse about this year's game than MLB 2K10, many of the improvements are trivial, so incremental that they add little meaningful value."

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RedDead20674630d ago

I play MLB2K every day because it's the only baseball game on the PC.

I play it with two monitors. The second monitor is showing the MLB TV streaming feed.


2K Sports Creates Another Millionaire with Major League Baseball 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge

"2K Sports announced today that the next million dollar winner has been confirmed for the Major League Baseball® 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge. The winner, who will be revealed on Thursday, May 26, will take home $1 million and a lifetime’s worth of bragging rights for being the first person to pitch a verified perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K11." -- Wiiloveit.com (Official Press Release)

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nevin14672d ago

I think this is fake. I mean why are they waiting untill the 26th?