Bitmob | The headset that gives you superhearing and lets you cheat

Dan "Shoe" Hsu writes: So, a little while ago, Turtle Beach showed me the PX5, and one specific developer feature caught my attention: the ability to customize the headset to enhance or subdue sounds in specific ranges. This isn't just about turning up the bass or treble. Imagine, for example, making footsteps in multiplayer Call of Duty: Black Ops louder, so you can hear nearby enemies more clearly....

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Boody-Bandit4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

The PX5's are the X41's with PS3 and bluetooth capabilities. They are the same exact speakers and mixamp. These are nice headsets but super hearing to let you cheat? I take it the author of this article has never used a decent stand alone sound system while playing Black Ops or any other COD title.

I have a couple headphones in my home. I have an Astro mixamp and two stand alone sound processors that have headphone surround modes that can be tweaked to each channel discretely. Headphones definitely give you a different level of immersion but it doesn't come close to a good surround sound system, especially in the bass department.

I have bottom dweller subs that I nicknamed structural damage that literally make you wonder if they are causing cracks in your home foundation. I only use my headphones when the wifey isn't in the mood to have the house shaking. They are a nice diversion but don't measure up to a stand alone system.

With all that said, Astro A40's are the better choice for gaming headphones. Unless of course you do what I did and purchase high end cans and add a mic with a mixamp like the one from Astro. The is the best combination you can go with if you need or prefer to use cans to get your game on.

Boody-Bandit4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Oh please dare say why you hit disagree.
I would love to have you explain to me what I wrote that isn't 100% accurate. Oh that's right, you cant.

BlackTar1874045d ago

I think its a N4g mod or something who do it to incite conversation like you just did :)

Boody-Bandit4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

BlackTar I would not doubt that for a split second. This place hangs on by a thread with me. I know the main mod that rides buckshot over the article part of N4G and he is a complete *******. (you can use your imagination to fill in the *'s)