Armored Core Last Raven Achieves Gold Master Status

Agetec, Inc. today announced that Armored Core Last Raven for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system has achieved gold master status.

Armored Core: Last Raven picks up six months after the events of Armored Core: Nexus. The corporations have merged to form a single superpower, known as the Alliance, in their ultimate attempt to gain world dominance. Tired of the corporate rule, a missionary group of Ravens, known as the Vertex, have formed and declared war. The fate of the universe depends upon you, a lone Raven with awesome mech powers. Now you must choose sides or decide to stand-alone; either way you will face the ultimate battle!

Developed by FromSoftware, Armored Core: Last Raven gameplay features:

* A branching storyline with 6 multiple endings;
* Human Interaction;
* An active mission system with each decision affecting the next;
* Virtually unlimited variety of options, parts, and weapons;
* Improved game play effects, including for the first time mechs that continue in battle even after losing an arm, leg or head.

Armored Core: Last Raven is scheduled for nationwide release on June 13th 2006. The title has an ESRB rating of Teen and will retail for $29.99. For more information on Armored Core Last Raven and other Agetec titles please visit

Asuka6206d ago

the AC franchise is one of my favs!!

Schmitty076206d ago

If I had a PS2 I would get that. WTF does "Gold Master Status" mean?

Asuka6206d ago

Gold Master Status.....maybe it has to do with a new ranking system in the game....IDK??