Games shipping this week

Here are the games shipping for the week of June 12, 2006. MotoGP on the 360 looks pretty hot and the PS2 gets some more Street Fighter love. Which game(s) have you interested?

Major League Baseball 2K6 (GCN)
MotoGP 06 (XBOX360)
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War (PC)
Armored Core: Last Raven (PS2)
Mega Man Battle Network 6 (GBA)
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (PSP)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)
Urban Chaos: Riot Response (XBOX, PS2)

PS360PCROCKS6462d ago

Moto GP sucks I think but yea

Bill Gates I Am6462d ago

Yeah, looks like I'll be saving some money this week.

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OutLaw6462d ago

But I have to pass this one up to. I don't feel it's worth the purchase. Now only if EA could bring back Road Rash. Now that is a motorcycle game I would love to play on my 360. It would be the equivalent of Need for Speed with the cop chases.


Retro Review - Urban Chaos: Riot Response - BagoGames

Jerry from BagoGames says, "There once was a time when Batman and all licensed games were pretty much trash. Little did we know the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era would see Urban Chaos: Riot Response, the first game from Rocksteady Studios and it is fun to play this blast from the past and see where they came from before they went to Arkham."

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Poroz2603d ago

Why can't you put them all on 1 page. You even went out of your way to make each picture look like it was part of a slide show, When it is clearly changing web pages.

AcidDvl2603d ago


I bought that game on the ps2 and loved it.
Who would guess that Rocksteady were about to achieve greatness?


Why 2006’s ‘Urban Chaos: Riot Response’ is 2016’s Most Relevant Police Video Game

VICE speaks to one of the makers of Rocksteady's pre-Arkham game, which cast the player as a police officer using maximum force to get the job done.

Hoffmann2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

That game was damn good. Should have had sequels already.

To call it relevant to actual police work and any riots in 2016 however is completely absurd.