IGN: Team Ico PS3 - The Impossible Jump

Remember the third colossus in Shadow of the Colossus? Remember getting there? You have to swim across a lake and scamper up a long, curving ramp to a pedestal that towers up from the lake's center. Only one jump separates the main character from the battlefield.

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Chaostar4227d ago

How is the story of a bunch of journalists forgetting to press the grab button worthy of an article? I wish I could unread some things.

limewax4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Agreed, anything for hits these days. Was hoping for some speculation on the difficulty of living up to SoTC by the title

I take some of that back, the vid I hadn't seen before so that was a bonus for me, the text past the first 2 paragraphs were pointless though

deafwing4226d ago

lol that's one crazy glitch ... maybe they deleted a few pixels off the ledge when they bumped up the resolution (lol not possible just saying) .. . still that's one hell of an update :D

Elimin84226d ago

LMAO.. Comment of the day. " I wish I could unread some things".

callahan094226d ago

"It's also possible that the platforming mechanics in Ico and Shadow of the Colossus haven't aged well."

What a load of crap this statement is. They should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting it. The game IS a PLATFORMER! That's the entire game. The process of downing the giants is merely a context to the platforming. This is a game where the two primary and prevalent actions are jump and grab. That's what the grip meter is for. It's not that it hasn't aged well, it's that it was unique for its time, and still. Every platformer that has climbing mechanics now just automates it for you and leaves it challenge free. The climbing platforming in this game IS the game, it IS the challenge. The game wouldn't have any challenge at all if everything were automated. Argh. The statement from IGN just made me so upset with their unrelenting idiocy that I can't even formulate my thoughts on the matter so I'll just leave you all with that.

SuperStrokey11234226d ago

its not a statement actually, a statement woult remove the words "It's also possible that"

Tuxedo_Mask4226d ago

It's also possible that some "gamers" have just gotten lazy since a lot of games hold their hands now.

BeOneWithTheGun4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

IGN are idiots. I can see their review of demons souls...'our copy was broken, see, for we never had the checkpoints turn on during our playthrough.'

Masterchef20074226d ago

lol if the article is that i wont bother reading it.

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gypsygib4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

No wonder major sites are so off with their reviews, they can't play games properly.

This actually sheds a lot of light why not one major site praised the Move controls in Killzone 3. You'd think someone would have realized that Move controls are revolutionary for console FPS games, really the accuracy is unmatched and the movement the same or even a bit faster. But no one praise it at all..probably because no one could learn how to control the Move.

I see now they are just not qualified.

Mc Fadge4226d ago

Oh man, that jump. I remember that jump. It's an odd one, and I've never figured out why. You don't have to grab the edge to make it, you can actually just jump across. I can make it, it's easily possible, but sometimes you just don't seem to jump as far or something.

willdaddy4226d ago

Can't wait for this to come out,I got rid of ico years ago and kicked myself for doing that:]I tried to get a copy again sometime ago but the price was crazy high!Anyway pretty stoked that this is coming out again.Also SOTC is one of the most underated games of all time

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