Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC gets another video

A second video has been released for the upcoming DLC for Killzone 3, this time showing off the Stahl Arms map

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Dart892786d ago

Nice if Guerrilla prices these maps at a good price i'll buy them day one.

jjohan352786d ago

Please don't charge for these maps, GG. Follow Polyphony Digital's footsteps and add content that won't segregate the online community please. If you want to make more money, charge for weapons, outfits, uniforms, etc. But when you charge for maps, you reduce the online community pool into two. I'll buy these maps day one, but I don't like my online gaming community to shrink.

Redman222786d ago

Dude they'll charge $5-10 max for these maps so no worries.

jjohan352786d ago

I'm not complaining about the price because I'll buy the maps no matter what. But not everyone who plays KZ3 will buy the maps. That splits the gaming community into two since those with the new maps will be in a different set of games than those without the maps. I bought all three KZ2 map packs and it was ridiculously difficult to find many games with them, so not everyone is like us who buy all the maps. Follow PD's example and the online community won't be segregated.

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Barajas_2012786d ago

sweet, the more maps the better :)