FTG Review: Dead Space 2: Severed

"While many games tend to release many map packs, costume packs, and downloadable weapons, the team over at Visceral Games has released their first piece of storyline downloadable content for Dead Space 2, titled Severed. This standalone campaign consists of two chapters of thrilling combat staring two characters from the Wii and now PS3 game Dead Space: Extraction. You play as Gabriel Weller, a former P-Sec officer who survived the events of the outbreak on Aegis 7 along with now wife Lexine Murdoch. Before going on, I never played Extraction, and all the knowledge I know of the characters’ history is my reading of the Dead Space Wiki. That being said, I am a big Dead Space fan which made me incredibly excited for this piece of DLC which gave me more Dead Space to play."- AmigoSniped

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AmigoSniped2814d ago

The dlc had a great ending but lacks depth and replayability.

maxcavsm2814d ago

Man, that's a shame, I was really looking forward to this. Maybe if they start releasing more episodic content? Bah.

bumnut2814d ago

I don't like it when content is released so soon after release. Makes me think they had already made it and did not include it on the disc so they can get more $

gorebago2814d ago

i beat it in an hour on normal but loved it. too bad you're just going backwards.

DigitalAnalog2814d ago

Man, the way he acted on extraction it's like she was just "extra" baggage.

-End statement