Battlefield 3 new screen leaked (multiplayer ?)

PlayStation Informer: "This new screen of Battlefield 3 from GDC 2011 EA – DICE event is emerged..."

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Kingdom Come2790d ago

I dont think at this minute there is anyway of differentiating Single Player from Multiplayer with screens such as these. Whilst I'm not a fan of Modern War FPS games I am a fan of technically superb titles of which this would seem to be. If DICE can maintain the Incredible Graphics within the PC's 64 Player Multiplayer then it would be a huge achievement, however, Gameplay should never take a back seat and I am looking forward to any interesting twists DICE can put into FPS Multiplayer gameplay...

MightyMatt1012790d ago

To me it seems like it could be the rest of the footage we haven't seen yet that's coming march 16th. From what I've read they showed off the campaign for the game not the multiplayer. I'm sure someone in the media would have mentioned seeing the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Big_Dom2790d ago

It's not the rest of the demo shown. Look at the environment. It's completely different. This screen looks like the setting is in America or Europe somewhere.

Tristanh822790d ago

EA and Dice’s latest offering in the form of Battlefield 3 looks to be of blockbuster proportions. Various screens have already shown off the impressive visuals the game with bestow gamers when the title sees release this holiday, but great visuals and lighting mean nothing if the visual aspect isn’t accompanied by great gameplay. Today in California during their GDC meeting, EA showed Battlefield 3 to the media and one of the game’s elements shown to them was the game’s multiplayer feature.

Some folks Tweeted about their excitement of seeing the game and its multiplayer and the initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive. To be an adjunct to the preview coverage, EA and Dice will also be releasing the very first multiplayer trailer in the morning.

During the presentation, a comment was made by an individual in attendance, which many will surely agree with: "Best effing game I've seen!" shared via the Battlefield Twitter account. Other comments can be found on Twitter stating such things as "mind-blowing" and "one of my most anticipated multiplayer games of 2011". All-in-all, the excitement for Battlefield 3 is incredible.

To the left, you will find three all-new screens from the game that boast photo-realistic graphics like no other first-person shooter before it and alongside those you will find two in-game gameplay grabs. After viewing these marvelous graphical achievments, share your opinion in the comment section below.

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Is he wearing desert camo in an urban environment?