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Destructoid: was at last night's GDC preview event for EA DICE's Battlefield 3, and holy sh*t, does it look insane. DICE showed off the PC version of the game, and I can say without a doubt that this is the best-looking first-person shooter to date. Sadly, they didn't let us play it ourselves.

DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson talked a little about the game and really wanted us to know that DICE is all about "quality, innovation and fun." The studio didn't want to just make another simple sequel here. They wanted to "surpass what [they] did last time" and "challenge [themselves] to go further."

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Pixelated_Army2785d ago

" The studio didn't want to just make another simple sequel here. They wanted to "surpass what [they] did last time" and "challenge [themselves] to go further."


evrfighter2785d ago

well there you have it folks. Current-gen becomes last-gen in November.

You still think consoles will last another 2-3 years as M$ and Sony predicted?

DICE has stepped away from the bar that everyone is competing at and just built a bigger, better one, where so far only they can compete at.

2785d ago
peterdawa2785d ago

Interesting how some people want this current gen to die quick. I guess when your console of choice doesnt show much improvement you want something new.

imvix2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Current gen was last gen when Crysis was released.


I dont have a console of choice, it really isnt fun being limited to 5yr old tech.

AAACE52785d ago

If you are judging by graphics, then yet, these consoles won't last 2-3 more years! But gamers support a console until there is nothing to look forward to on it. As long as fun games keep coming, any console can last as long as needed.

Graphics aren't everything. Looking at past gens, the most powerful consoles usually end up in last place. Developers are still getting a firm grasp on these current consoles and don't want to start over on new tech just yet. But this is the games industry and anything could happen and we will just follow.

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xAlmostPro2785d ago

Killzone 3, Brink & Battlefield are going to be the best fps games this year :D

1 down 2 to go :)

tudors2785d ago

@Xalmostpro I disagree about Killzone 3, I don't know much about Brink, Crysis 2 we don't know for sure yet but I think concidering Crysis 2 has not been released yet you are a bit premature assuming that Killzone 3 will be better, Killzone 3 is a good solid shooter, but FPS of the year I think not, this is ofcourse just my opinion, but I do agree about Battlefield 3, the Battlefield series is solid, always has been.

xAlmostPro2785d ago

You obviously have something against Killzone 3 dude, i never said it(alone) would be fps of the year i stated 3 games. Yet you had a rant on the game? lol.

Brink im basing on all the gameplay videos and reviews/previews that give it nothing but positives.

I don't know why you bring crysis 2 into this because i never mentioned it. However since you say i was premature saying killzone 3 was better(which i didn't) Based on my opinion it actually is, i have the full retail game where as i've only played the crysis 2 beta/demo on 360 which tbh i didn't enjoy much although im holding my judgement until i can play abit more.

Battlefield 3 looks awesome.

Enough said, no more twisting words please.

DigitalAnalog2785d ago

I think it's pretty ignorant to cut off consoles at this point just for one game. How many future PC games are going to show graphics of this caliber, even the almighty Crysis 2 pales in comparison with this gameplay video.

Regardless, the consoles have proven themselves that they can push more out of it with each year that passes. By the time the next gen consoles would be released, graphics like this would be the standard.

-End statement

hellzsupernova2785d ago

crysis, killzone, gears of war, rage ALL step aside for the best fps this year possibly ever :D

looks and gameplay wise the KING has returned

hellzsupernova2785d ago

sorry i couldnt think of any other games for the xbox 360 this year that are fps and exclusive.

distorted_reality2785d ago

Bahahahahaha + bubs for epic lols.

I know it's trolling but fuck it was funny.

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Master of Unlocking2785d ago

" I can say without a doubt that this is the best-looking first-person shooter to date"

And I can say without a doubt that Killzone 3 is the best-looking first-person shooter to date.
But yeah, you need to have actually played the game from start to finish to know...

Ranshak2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

You forgot the keyword here.. on Console. The best looking FPS till date is still Crysis 1 or Metro 2033.

Blaster_Master2785d ago

The hell is Metro 2033. If its so dang purty then why is it only on N4G comment threads that its brought up? I saw the screens, it doesn't even look half as good as KZ3 or Uncharted.

peowpeow2785d ago

I'm sorry but Metro 2033 in DX11? Yeah no chance son :)

nycredude2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


Don't start bringing Metro in direct x 11 in here. that game in direct x 11 is terribly optimized and kills the framerate.

I know I have it and my rig runs Crysis maxed out.

Unless you spend a lot on your rig it won't run smoothly. How many games even support direct x 11 smoothly? Heck even your almighty Crysis 2 doesn't out of the box.

BTW metro has no where near the amount of things going on as Killzone 3. It's more of a survival horror than a shooter.

Haven't any of you even played Killzone 3, or just watched youtube videos or something?

I love how you guys make Killzone 3 sound like it's the worst looking game ever.

hoops2785d ago

Metro 2033 is far better looking than KZ3. Don't kid yourself. Play the game with a decent DX11 GPU and right away you will see this is the case.
The one thing that KZ3 has over Metro is the character animations. Everything else, nope.

PS3GamerFix2785d ago

Just show us the 360 and PS3 versions of it already.... what they are doing here is the equivalent of passing CG for gameplay. You have to wonder what kind of graphic cards they are using to show off these videos and how many people will realistically buy them. I can understand how its more about gameplay but really.... that title says it all.

Ranshak2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

It will probably be running maxed out on a GPU like 460GTX which costs about 150usd. Just because console hardware is so old it doesnt mean you need monster hardware to max this out, Entry level to midrange hardware should be enough as even thats multiple times more powerful then console.

Now if you want to be running multiple screens thats a different story.

hellzsupernova2785d ago

heres to hoping your right im designing my rig now and thats the GPU im going with

nycredude2785d ago

I doubt you will max it out in Direct x 11 mode with just one of that gpu. Direct x 11 is atm a resource hog and most current code isn't very optimized for it.

360 man2785d ago

@ hell supernova. get the ATI6870

distorted_reality2785d ago

I think a fair amount of PC gamers will be happy that their cards are finally being fully used. Not much has pushed our hardware for a couple of years now, and i'm happy that this will change that.

Am semi-interested to see what they do with the consoles, but am more interested to see how far they'll go with PC hardware.

cakeisalie2785d ago

I am sure a GTX 460 will be more then enough for this game. Its easily 4-5 times more powerful then any current console and like Ranshak said costs only 150usd now. The Higher end GPUs will still be largely unused in this game unless used for multi screen gaming with high amount of AA.

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