The Evening Report: Infinite Catherine Edition

New Sins of a Solar Empire, Catherine coming to the US and more. Get all of the important game info in one short post.

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Giant_Chibi2879d ago

Initially I thought this was going to be an article about a collector's edition of Catherine. I was so overjoyed. Then, I clicked the article and instead found an author who just now realized the US release date for the game.

Lirky2879d ago

So the tags say ipad, and pc and iphone i didnt know catherine was created on those platforms too.

Giant_Chibi2879d ago

Well, actually the tags are for Infinity Blade and Sins of a Solar Empire, both of which are mentioned in the article. The former is an iOS game and the latter is a pc game.

That's why the article headline says, "Infinite Catherine." They fused the titles of Infinity Blade with Catherine together. Hence my confusion earlier. :(