The POW Block: Bulletstorm Review

David at The POW Block says: "Bulletstorm was nothing like I expected it to be. I had no interest in playing Bulletstorm when I first saw it demoed at E3 2010. It seemed to combine everything I didn’t like about Gears of War with everything that made me loathe college. This was a clear sign of mistaken identity. I tried the demo and the gameplay enamored me. Regardless of whether the plot or characters are good, the game is so fun itself that it doesn’t matter."

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crispinantista3560d ago

I guess I won't pass over what appeared to be a 'roid infused dude-bro fest. Everyone really is lavishing praise on this. I hope it really is that good.

Andrew Wiggin3560d ago

It is, this game is so good. I fear that Gears of War 3 will not be able to be this good.

Caseydilla3559d ago

I usually don't like shooters, but I actually really like this game. It was different enough..

Andrew Wiggin3559d ago

Glad you agree. This really is a fantastic game.

Kon3559d ago

Agreed. It is very fun.

MadMax3559d ago

One of my favorite shooters this gen!!!

Caseydilla3559d ago

I really need to play it then ><