Bitmob preview: Splash Damage wants you to shut up and play Brink

In the world of online shooters, one foul-mouthed, racist idiot (and there are plenty of them on Xbox Live and PSN) can ruin the experience for everyone. So developer Splash Damage decided to craft their upcoming Brink so that you can cooperate with others to pull off complicated objectives without uttering a single word.

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Gungnir3761d ago

Now this is a multiplayer game I could actually play. Not having to listen to all the slurs of various origins: priceless.

SybaRat3761d ago

I'm sorry, can someone PLEASE make me excited for Brink? I try and I try, but i'm just not feeling it.

Sadie21003761d ago

I'm kinda in the same boat, but that's because I don't know much about it yet. I guess I'm not sure where the hype is coming from.

choadley3761d ago

I try to avoid playing online with headsets on. It's funny how headset communication has gone from a must-have feature to something a developer would try to discourage.

acronkyoung3761d ago

Seems like an interesting game.

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