GC 2006: Full Auto 2 no longer a PS3 exclusive

Despite saying back at E3 that Full Auto 2 would be a PS3 exclusive, it now appears that Sega have had a change of heart and the sequel will now also appear on the Xbox 360 as well.

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Ken Kutaragi5380d ago

Oh well, so much for trying.

clayton5380d ago

That was a funny post, I love it. One more PS3 exclusive flushed down the toilet, swish!

General5380d ago

Crappy game anyways, Never was interested in it.

Balance5380d ago

agreed, it is nice that it isn't an exclusive now but i am not interested in it either

DC RID3R5380d ago

not to release it multi format!?!

Not really big news for the game, but it still is a sure sign on how far sony have dropped down the pecking order amongst game devs!!!!

All ms need to do now is sign up VF5, and it's a GO!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.