PC vs. Console Gaming- A Different Look

A popular gaming ideology is that "Systems are only as good as their games." That's absolutely true and, with all due respect, why the PS3's sales have yet to really pick up. Think about it: You can buy a $7000 PC but if you don't buy any good games (or there are none) then you're stuck with a really sweet-looking piece of kit and nothing to do with it. Of course, the same goes with consoles. You can't have a better experience on a system unless it actually has better games for it.

So, in that respect, how does the PC stack up? Actually, not very well.


Comment (on the blog) in response to Ulath666:

Whoa dupa...

Uhh, actually, to clear things up, the 7k price is pretty much irrelevant to the point of the article, except to say that you can spend a whole lot of money on PCs whereas the console experience can be a better deal based on price.

And I'm not sure about the lower reviews for PC games... to be honest, I believe there really have been very few stellar PC shooter releases recently. Half-Life 2 was great, Battlefield 2 was great, and F.E.A.R. was great... then after that there really were a lot of good, not fantastic games like 2142 or w/e. (I will admit that this whole article was a bit flawed in suggesting that games rated 9+ are the only ones worthy of a purchase.)

I chose not to delve into RTSs because, let's face it, there are very few console RTSs and they're all much worse than the PC counterparts. On the other hand, you will never be playing games like Super Smash Bros or Ratchet and Clank on a PC because dual analog is soooo much better. The shooter genre is the basic one where PCs and Consoles both have a lot of games.

And yeah, PC gamers are doing what console gamers have been doing for years. That's true. But consoles (XBL in particular) have come a long way. Mic is pretty much a standard, the connection isn't THAT bad, and in PCs you still have games (Company of Heroes, Enemy Territory) without mic or games with lag.

Trust me, I still prefer KB + mouse to dual analog, but that's still too much of a generalization. Does a control scheme alone make Quake Wars better than Halo 3? No, not really.

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beast5908d ago

My graphic card is Nividia 8800 GTX with 6gb of ram and 600 HD and i paid just above 2400$. who is selling him that PC let me guess NASA.

I am a ps3 owner and i play all my xbox exclusives on PC for free unless u r hiding underneath a rock. IE Bioshock, World in conflict, CC3 and cant wait for GeOW with addition maps and Halo Wars .

beast5908d ago

was not that there is 7000$ machine. My point was who fooled them to buy a 7000$ machine. Which game requires that, Like i said my sepecs as described above can play crysis at more than reccomendation specs. So if you are compairing PC gaming why did he pick the most godly PC while in truth most pc at people house are good enough for gaming. ie if you bough a standard PC within 2 years.

Saint Sony5908d ago

Yeah and with the price of your NVIDIA card you can get 360, PS3 and Wii.

SpenserTracy5908d ago

Hey PC guys. It's a matter of opinion wich games are best on what console or PC, but some of them are exclusive. I think the PS3 is the best cause it's already got the power of a highend PC, and that has already been proven. Crysis will rule on PC, and only there, And also starcraft 2. If they don't change their minds and release on console. If that happens I believe the PS3 will be their first choise.

Kudos 2 u PC gamers.
I own. PC, MAC, PS3, XBOX (broken), XBOX360, DREAMCAST, GAMECUBE, DS, GBA......

Bazookajoe_835908d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

I was thinkig that if i installed a Os on my ps3 (Linux or Windows) could i then play pc games? Maybe not crysis, but some average demanding game.

Edit: I saw on youtube that someone had installed windows on a ps3.

SpenserTracy5908d ago

You can only install linux, for now at least.