MAG is Dead

The PlayStation Show takes a look at the life of MAG. MAG once the ground breaking Massively Online Shooter is now just a corpse of its once glory.

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ediddy9993799d ago

I love MAG and I play it for an hour a day just like exercise. Get that happy hour XP and I'm out.

BakedGoods3799d ago

Anytime I play MAG there's tons of people going at it. Never hard to get into a game. Lots of people on my friends list play hard too.

XMBeaner3799d ago

If by tons you mean an every shrinking couple of hundred I completely agree with you. Face it MAG is dead, Zipper is moving on and you should too.

BakedGoods3799d ago

Fair enough. KZ3 is phenomenal, hopefully SOCOM will (finally) be decent.

XMBeaner3799d ago Show
Rynx3799d ago

Troll article is troll

oh and also XMBeaner

MysticStrummer3799d ago

@BakedGoods - Agreed. I play most days and never wait long to get in a game. MAG is not dead at all. @XMBeaner - An every shrinking couple of hundred... what does that even mean? Trolls shouldn't use Google Translate. There are still thousands of people on MAG whenever I play, which is often. MAG didn't get the audience it deserves, but it's far from dead and no FPS with less than 64 players in a game is going to kill it.

Commander_TK3799d ago

The community fucking ruined this game.

ngecenk3799d ago

funny cos i just had minor defeat on domination. full team on my team.

ChozenWoan3799d ago

funny as I just finished playing a few rounds... must have been just my imagination.

DEagle-izer3799d ago


I got 2 words for ya!


NewMonday3799d ago

Maybe they stretched things a bit by making it 3 factions, maybe they should have made the player character and his unlocks independent from factions like in Battlefield and COD.

BattleAxe3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

MAG might not be dead, but its not exactly thriving. It was a neat idea, but 256 players was too ambitious. I think people would have been blown away even if they had of made the game with 100 player matches in mind. The one thing I wish they had more of are the vehicles.

DaCajun3799d ago

Granted MAG is a really good game but when you get on and there is no more than around 2000-3000 at any one time that is not a very thriving community especially when we need 256 people for the domination maps. It's just the last few die hards that play it now and a few new stragglers that happen to have bought it in the discount bin.

Hopefully they are working on MAG 2 and give us more maps and a larger variety of game modes next time. They can start by including all the game modes that MAG has now including the patched in ones. Imagine if we could have all the Batllefield games vehicles(tanks, jeeps, ATVs, helicopters, jets, APCs) all player controlled on MAG maps or larger, that would be intense.

LordRydell3799d ago

MAG is not a bad game...It's great,but hard to play solo!You have to be a member of a pretty skilled squad to make it through the game modes! :/

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malandra3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

oh no!! when did it die?? I was playing yesterday with hundreds of people, I couldn't say goodbye, this is so sad


-Alpha3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

No it's not, but it's such a demanding game. There are a good amount of players but since games requires so many players, it's easy to see that the game itself requires a fairly huge population to get a diversity of games going.

The DLC is an example of a mode that is so seldom played.

You also have all players split into three factions. This is why they eventually opened up the ability to play all three factions at once.

I think if numbers get really low Zipper could unite the community at the cost of removing the concept of joining a PMC.

Last time I checked Domination is still full, but there are only enough players on the servers in that mode to fill one game of Domination. Sometimes I end up having to wait for a game or doing the auto-deploy thing that grants you higher XP.

Fans are moving on and the community is rather small for the demand, but it's certainly not "Dead" It's rather just a demanding game

Nicaragua3799d ago

MAG is not dead but it lost me after a couple of months due to some poor design choices.

mac_sparrow3799d ago

Disco is not dead! Disco is LIFE!

FFXI1013799d ago

@ Alpha

Were you playing Killzone 3 couple nights ago?
I saw someone's name is exactly same as yours.

Dark_king3799d ago

@FFXI101 yea that would be him his PSN is the same as his user name here.

roguewarrior3799d ago

agreed, MAG lives, but both the DLC is fucked, especially because i usually play 12 to 6am est, just not enough people in the queue. still bought escalation just to support zipper only got to play it a few times.

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Andreas-Sword3799d ago

MAG is the best online Multiplayer Shooter!

Andreas-Sword3798d ago

@ 8thnightvolley

yes, seriously!
MAG is a very funny first person shooter! One of the best online Multiplayer Shooter!

ThanatosDMC3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I wonder if there's anybody on N4G that's better than me in MAG. I doubt it. Yep, it's a challenge.

BlackTar1873799d ago

Good i would love to have played you is it tuff when your that full of yourself ;)

anyways any other games you want to declare yourself the best at that i may still play?

anyways lol im just having fun not trying to be anything other the smirky in my post.

ChozenWoan3799d ago

If I had to choose someone who I think is a better player than you.... hmmm... then I would have to go with this guy I know named Chozenwoan from Raven: Intel Assassins.

don't get me wrong... your still good, but he is the Chozenwoan.

FFXI1013799d ago

But I'll see you in SOCOM 4, is ON!!

Dark_king3799d ago

There sure is quite a few Mag players here better.Ive played with some great people from N4G.

ThanatosDMC3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I'll add you guys up. I'm currently in Murder Survice [ <3] of Raven and [187] of Valor and we need more players who are killers/beasts in MAG. They're looking for more grims per hour.

Add me on PSN if i cant find your PS id: ThanatosDMC

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otherZinc3799d ago

MAG was terrible from Day 1.
It didn't have a single player? WTF?
What did people expect? And the game sucked!

BlackTar1873799d ago

Game was awesome unfortnatley i only could play DOM after awhile.

ut your a troll.

theonlylolking3799d ago

The game is work a 8.0 IMO. There is always at least 2,000 people on each non DLC game mode. Easily more than that on weekends.

FinalSpartan3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

wasn't it dead from the start? awful game. people who defending this please defend a good PS3 game.

76% Metacritc.

Ravenor3799d ago

You know that number is in no way indicative of how much fun I had with the game. Reviews are references, not some kind of absolute truth that applies to all people.

Also for the love of Jebus, would you people try playing a game before passing judgement based on some percentage that really means nothing except for the importance you put in that number? Is this really that hard?

specialguest3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Only a 9 and up is a buy, anything around 8 is an okay game(some cases a failure), around the 7 is awful.

the_best_player3799d ago

Less dead than LOL!

ATiElite3799d ago

Oh no!! First PC Gaming, now Mag is dead. What could be next!

I love how editors write about stuff they have no knowledge about. I guess since the editor only play Blops that everything else is dead or doesn't exist.

Just like the only ppl that say PC Gaming is dead are the ones who don't have gaming PC's.

ChronoJoe3798d ago

He highlights the dlc maps, in to suggest it's dead. Yep no one plays them. Like 1/10 of consumers purchase DLC and even less play it when the higher population is without, DLC.

mr.selfdestruct3798d ago

Thats why I really wish they would add bots to maps that don't fill up. Its better than waiting forever for a game to not start. Then simply allow people to jump in to take the bots place when available.

solar3798d ago

not really suprised. the shelf life for a console online game isnt that long. limited library along with new titles released i can see why.

BoNeSaW233798d ago

I loved MAG(Notice past tense)I want to check it out again now that acquisition and domination are neutral but the updates are SLOWWWWW! I have a 7mbps locked connection but the patches still take a long time to download. Why Zipper?
MAG 2.0 should of been the retail version IMO. I loved everything about 2.0 and Sony should have pushed it as MAG Final and released it as FREE to ALL PSN+ subscribers if they wanted MAG to survive, add more players and a great incentive to subscribe to PLUS. Better luck with SOCOM4 Zipper, the ride was fun while it lasted

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solidsnake2223799d ago

I don't know, although I'm not a hardcore MAG player I know someone who plays it all the time. In fact, it's one of the only games he plays!

ediddy9993799d ago

I remember when I was like that. Those were the good old days. It's just not the same anymore :( None of my friends play it. I think they hate fun.

XMBeaner3799d ago

The only people that hate fun are the people still playing MAG. How about playing a good game like Killown 3!

pocketaces113799d ago

@XMBeaner don't be like those xbox fanboys we don't need your kind over here with the PS3 they are both great games yes less people playing MAG but still a very good game for year old one and KZ 3 although also a great game still has it's glitches or fails of it's own. The storey and game play has not kept me AS captivated as the 2nd did.

Sarcasm3799d ago

lol ediddy, you guys are the new hiphopgamer, sensational headlines for hits. I bet this is Hamster's idea isn't it! Keep up the good work. LOL


KZ2.5 has 32v32+?
MAG layed the groundwork,these things take time.

tony67673799d ago

kz2.5? lol more like call of duty modern warfare 2.5(black ops)

badz1493799d ago

BlOPs is more like MW1.5! yeah, it degrades lower that MW2!

karl3799d ago

are u guys joking?

black ops its like call of duty 11!!!!

yes, we have that many and counting... jesus

Commander_TK3799d ago

MW2 sucks dick. Black Ops is way better. COD4 shits on both though.

spunnups3799d ago

I hated at certain points of a game, when you die, it's a full minute run back to the battle field, no it doesn't happen the entire game, but when it does, it's annoying as hell. Big Turn Off.

-Alpha3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Stick with your team. Did you run off on your own?

What was great about MAG was that I was constantly healed when I stuck with my squad.

In fact, the whole concept of the spawn system made sure that you were never alone.

It's the best teamwork game I've played, the community is super cooperative and so long as you don't try to be some hero you usually do well when sticking with squads. Especially when you start playing you are disadvantaged when it comes to what you have unlocked. Finding shelter in your teammates created an excellence sense of teamwork and it is something noob players pass on to other noob players once they get better.

DelbertGrady3799d ago

They should have borrowed squad spawn from BF BC 2.

Nicaragua3799d ago

That would negate the need to have medics on your team.


It doesn't negate the need to have a medic in bad company 2 so why should it In mag? In fact being a medic in BC2 is very rewarding in itself. Not only does it make you feel like your actually in a proper squad, you get shit loads of XP for it aswell. So as long as your squad is within a certain range of you, I think squad spawning would be quality!

MysticStrummer3799d ago

Any game that allows you to spawn to your squad loses much if not all of it's claim to being tactical, imo. I prefer the old school Socom method... die and you spectate for the rest of the round. No team based tactical FPS or TPS should allow you to spawn to your squad, unless it's in unranked games only.


thats you opinion and i respect that. but i have to disagree with you. as long as squad spawning is balanced and doesnt encourage pswn killing, squad spanwing can lead to many differant tactics IMO.

Ravenor3799d ago

By tactics you mean hide in a building so your squad can magically spawn on you.

Only thing thats tactical is either, no respawns or Reinforcement waves. Spawn killing can easily be dealt with, without the need for something like Squad spawn.

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