Ps3 Rock Band Controllers Can Work On Ps2

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 bundles will include the game, a wired drum kit, and a microphone. The 360 bundle will also come with a wired Fender Stratocaster guitar controller and USB hub, whereas the PS3 bundle will come with a wireless version of the Stratocaster controller and no USB hub. The PS3 edition's instruments can also be used with the PS2 edition of the game.

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Koneesha4036d ago

This should mean we could play guitar hero 1+2+80's on ps3.So maybe thats wat the d"dongle" was for!

americanGTA4036d ago

are you sure about that? Who said the rockband guitar works with GHIII? They said that THE GHIII Guitar works with rockband... but they never said the other way.

Plus they said that the old ps2 GH games would not work on the ps3 with the ps3 guitar.

hotshot12374036d ago


i love how sony doesnt abadon there ps2 owners.

Laexerias4036d ago

Will there be a USB PS3 Stratocaster to buy? q_q