Grasshopper Manufacture Tease Unannounced Project

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. will be celebrating thirteen years of keeping the spirit of Punk alive in games with their second UStream event, Grasstream 2: Travis vs. Garcia at Shinjuku Loft Plus One. Not only will there be frantic action and interviews with developers, but also the company will reveal a brand new videogame project.

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Pedantic914355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Or maybe a completely new IP ? either way, im always excited to hear what Grasshopper Manufacture has got in stores for us.

I really like unique video games like Killer 7.

LoaMcLoa4355d ago

They registered the name Lolicon Chainsaw a while ago.. Might just be the new title

lizard812884355d ago

naw, just for the wii. NMH:P sucked and was toned down in violence, which i find odd, since the wii is for kids & the ps360 is for the hardcore gamers, but the wii has the more, hardcore version.

PS360WII4355d ago

I'd love my own personal copy of No More Heroes 3 ^^

Cloudberry4355d ago

Grasshopper Manufacture is one of developers whose developing games on NGP.