Final Fantasy IV Voice Cast Announced

A big 3D facelift isn't the only update Final Fantasy IV is receiving in its trip to the DS. Square Enix is also adding voice acting to better tell one of the series' classic story lines. Today, the company announced the Japanese voice actor cast.

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Iceman100x4039d ago

Like the game actually needed it, but it makes an otherwise perfect game better.

ItsDubC4039d ago

I wouldn't have expected this given the fact that DS games are cartridge-based and therefore price/mb is at a premium compared to disc-based media. Hopefully this doesn't raise the price of the game for consumers.

synce4039d ago

Way to ruin a classic, Square. I don't care if it's English or Japanese, FF4 does not need voice acting. It's probably the main thing that ruined FF10 and FF12 for me. It completely takes you out of the experience. Instead of feeling like you're in your own world, you feel like you're watching a poorly acted movie.

[email protected]4039d ago

VA... that's kinda strange any of my DS game got VA lol. Maybe a new cartridge come out with more storage and that's the reason for the VA into the game.

DeckUKold4036d ago

it's about time i buy a DS