Master Chief on fire

Halo 3 might not be the 'third-coming' (despite what some forumites will tell you) but it's certainly nothing less than fantastic. It's a solid, great looking conclusion to Bungie's trilogy, but it also boasts a few super new features - like the saved films option.

This new movie capability enables you to replay your battles from all sorts of angles. Plus, you can then upload screengrabs to Bungie's official site some of which are utterly stunning, leading Games-Radar to gather the 10 most impressive images and reproduce them here for the enjoyment of your eyes.

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Nth RooCH4038d ago

You have to admire what they've done with this. It takes a fearless developer to essentially allow you total freedom of camera. It means no texture can go incomplete, no stone unturned. The anti aliasing is a tad cheap mind, but then again if it makes for a more impressive screenshot, can't really complain. I really do think this feature needs to become a staple of FPS games.

PS360PCROCKS4038d ago

Where are the sony fans at? Ohhh that's right they only flock to anything that can be bad about Halo! Like flies on sh!t I tell ya.

level 3604037d ago

Tops! Truly a triple-A title from Bungie/Microsoft.