IGN: Ghost Squad Hands-on

There are few things finer in life than dual-wielding rocket launchers. IGN kicks off their hands-on with Ghost Squad in this way for two reasons. First of all, unless you've been hiding under a rock you most-likely have seen the game's screens, read some hands-on, or at least watched a snippet of video across the net. Or, for those that like to actually play videogames instead of just reading about them, perhaps you've frequented a local video arcade, splurging a pretty penny on a cool autumn day with a few rounds of House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, or the aforementioned Ghost Squad, which released in 2004.

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virtua14090d ago

but, this actually looks like it could be fun. I just fired up the Saturn about a month ago and played Virtua Cop 1 and 2 again for nostalgia sake. They're still fun to pick up, particularly with two guns. So when I saw the online videos of this, and found out that it's the "spiritual successor" to those games, I kinda got a little excited. Ready to go all John Woo on it. Just scored a Wii a week and a half ago, and I'd pay $40 for this. Good to tide me over until RE Umbrella Chronicles shows up. Sega bring on the "House of the Dead" anthology - and don't pull any of the "green blood" nonsense! Reload.