Final Fantasy Dissidia won't be ready 'til next year

Japanese magazine Famitsu has asked Tetsuya Nomura on how the Dissidia project is going along, and while he did state that "the game is in full production mode now" and that the production team is giving it all they've got, it is unfortunate that they won't make it to this year's deadline.

Earlier, Nomura was reported as saying that the game can not be released later than this year as it is a 20th anniversary offering. Releasing it at a later date would prove the celebration futile. However, it appears that a release next year is precisely the scenario we're looking at.

The reasons cited for this delay were high expectations and quality controls. Oh well. For a guy like Nomura, it's not surprising that he'd demand nothing else than perfection. Famitsu don't really mind that the Dissidia release has been pushed back to next year, if that really is the case. Sure there'll still be plenty to celebrate once it's finished.

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Darkiewonder4090d ago

I swear, he has like 15 projects.

socomnick4090d ago

he has 15 final fantasy project they need to stop milking that franchise.

AdolfBinBush4090d ago

its a proven franchise.. it has huge fan-base

[email protected]4089d ago

Hmmm... it is not a big deal after all. The quality on the control need to be TIGHT with a game like this one. It could get into a frachinse like Chocobo Dungeon or Tactics if sell good (I mean it gonna sell good I'm sure of it).

akaFullMetal4088d ago

wait what game is this????