Halo 3 Game Freezing Issues

Planet Xbox360 Reports: Literally hundreds of people have been posting in two forum threads at both the Bungie and Xbox sites saying that they are having serious problems with disc reading errors and Halo 3. The issue appears to happen for various people at different places in the game, and is not related to whether the disc is scratched or not. User Muffy had the following to say on the Bungie forums:

I'm on my 3rd copy of Halo 3 - after the 2nd Limited copy was found to be scratched I upgraded to Legendary hoping the REAL DVD CASE you get when you by the "PLASTIC EDITION" (PE) would yield a clean disk - and it did - the surface is perfect.

But... I'm still getting read error intermittently at various points in Solo or Campaign - usually when I reboot I can get by the read error and continue on. This is happening on a spanking new 360 Elite - 4 days old
says Matt Gibbs.

So the read error is not necessarily always related to a scratch... Might be just really poor reproduction. He wonders if a DVD utility would tell what rate they burned it at... Maybe they cooked them too quickly.

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Shaka2K64040d ago

Cant finish the flop.

man microsoft will never learn or what, this is why all their products are flopping zune,vista,x360 and now the biggest tittle to hit the x360 is also buggy and microsoft-ish.

things not looking good for microsoft not at all.

progx4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Shouldn't you be playing ps3 instead of trolling Halo news? Wait...I forgot, you don't have sh*t to play. Well there always HOME. Oh right...thats delayed till '08 now. Enjoy WAITING B3YOND even more douche LOL.

EDIT: WOW, you have some serious problems man. Your comment speaks for itself. Thx for proving my point though douche. Such a sad, sad little freak you are...

FirstknighT4040d ago

Hundreds out of 2 million??? Sheesh. Talk about blowing something small into something big. HAHA, keep digging sony fools.

reaferfore204040d ago

It should have been zero out of millions.

gEnKiE4040d ago

Diggin? Its funny its coming from a 360 fanboy site....

Scrooge4040d ago

The internet has made the world a small place. Hundreds can be a really loud voice.

HeartlesskizZ4040d ago

I still Believe that is Microsoft fault for not letting retailers open the boxes to see if any errors of what ever problem packaging had.

They went to extra careful and now they suffer consequences.

MattFoley4040d ago

You do know how cheap it is to manufacture cds right? And what kind of deal they get for buying that many.

uxo224039d ago

What do you think retailers gonna do, open each game and test it? You make no sense, but I guess someone needs to be there for you to take your lonely frustration out on.

gEnKiE4040d ago

....and we thought Warhawk had problems...

Snukadaman4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

has warhawk hit a million yet? with that many people you got too expect a couple of RROD'S and various other problems.

gEnKiE4040d ago

RROD's?? Well im glad to hear that you have a console that you actually have to consider a chance of something like that happening everytime you turn it on...

Snukadaman4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

both consoles aint perfect but like you not giving up on sony... I aint giving up on microsoft because eventually both problems will be solved.

gEnKiE4040d ago

I just think it was stupid for Microsoft to release the 360 as soon as they did. If they looked at it more, they could of easily fixed the cause of the RRoD, (which to my understanding, their still not actually stating the problem) and not have any of these problems. Sony's not up to par on their state of the console race either and its very much noticable. Like you said though, these problems will get fixed....hopefully...Kudos

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