Limited Edition DSi Bundles Celebrate Launch Of Pokemon Black/White

TGH Writes: "Fans of the Pokemon series who have yet to jump on the DSi wagon have little reason now as Nintendo has just announced a Limited Edition bundle to release for both Black and White versions on March 6th."

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lpfisher4838d ago

If only the 3DS wasn't a month away.... :(

Kran4838d ago

Still not sure on Black or White.

Many people have told me to get Black. How much of a difference is between the two?

And ill go with this:

Agree on this comment for black, disagree for white.

Lets see which is popular ;D

Rob9464838d ago

im going white, sliver was my favourite pokemon and white seems closer to sliver then black

Kran4838d ago

Doesn't mean its the better version.

maniac764838d ago

oh,let me get one of these instead of a 3ds i been saving for lol,not.

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'Pokemon Black and White' Shiny Legendary distribution begins today

XMNR: Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Black and White 2 owners can begin downloading shiny legendary Pokémon to their Nintendo DS or 3DS on Monday. The staggered distribution event is now live at GameStop stores across the United States.

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40 Mind Blowing Pokemon Secrets and Facts

"We've compiled a list of some of the coolest Pokemon facts & secrets you probably didn't know."

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Blank4011d ago

I like reading the more darker things about pokemon

Saints944011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Digletts can mate with wailords??? O_O

contradictory4011d ago

these were actually pretty fun ones.
plenty of things i didn't know as well

krontaar4011d ago

Not a single one a pokemon fan wouldn't already know.

Jagsrock4011d ago

the poliwag one is unsettling.

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Amazon's Lightning Deal in Video Games - May 11th

Amazon has released a Lightning Deal in Video Games for May 11th.

Set to be revealed and available at 8:00 AM PDT be sure to check out what bargain Amazon has in store.

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