IGN: LocoRoco Cocoreccho! Review

LocoRoco Cocoreccho! is a cute and fun title that's unfortunately marred by quite a bit of sitting around and waiting. The puzzle-esque elements are cool, the music and art style are charming and the replayability is decent. However, too much time is spent waiting for the LocoRoco to reach a certain spot, only to sometimes have them fall and force you to wait again.

Overall score: 6/10

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Shadow Flare4039d ago

...the sitting around and waiting is actually incredibly entertaining, just watching the loco roco's go around the crazy levels. And the game is described as a game/interactive screensaver, so if you want you're SUPPOSED to just sit and watch the loco's go around the level because its really great to watch

Once again, a reason i don't read reviews. Alot of people will see the score and not get it. And that's just sad, not least of all, it's their loss

wageslave4039d ago

You're easily amused are you?

Solbadguy4039d ago

I want to buy this game but I'm still waiting for this months credit card bill to pay off Warhawk and Puzzle Fighter HD first before I get anything else off the PSN. Save LocoRoco for October.

doomsonyman4039d ago

i don't care what the reviews say this game is amazing. don't listen to the reviews people have your own mind about what you want to play. now have a nice day