SingStar Hands-on

On the PlayStation 2, SingStar has done almost all it can, which is no small feat for a superpower of gaming that has dominated the closing chapter of Sony's last-gen console. In a relatively short period of time SingStar has reinvented the PlayStation 2 and sold countless units to consumers specifically interested in a karaoke machine. The vocal-stretching behemoth has courted the pink pound, redefined post-pub gaming, and flirted with a whole new kind of gamer without having to rely for a moment on mini-games and motion gestures.

Sony's USB microphones may have sent the odd core-gamer running for cover as a gaggle of drunken girls with wine in hand and voices cracked invade his room, but on the whole it has also been embraced by traditional players, who are delighted and a little surprised by the fact that their antisocial hobby and wire-clad gaming den is now the place to be come the early hours, filled with laughter, hedonism, music and dancing.

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MrSwede4043d ago

Any Americans who can give an input on how popular Singstar is over there? Cause in Europe it´s huge and I can only imagine how big it is in Japan with karaoke beeing the most widely practiced cultural activity there.

Don´t underestimate the power of Singstar!

ChaosDeXign4043d ago

Despite not having wireless microphones I quite enjoyed this title. I had to utilise it for a conference and it went down well though the crowd seemed to lean more toward SingStar Legends after they discovered it. My only qualm is that using the wired mics seemed to give more feedback than usual... like the amount necessary to let my ears bleed!

KoolMan4043d ago

this is going to be a hit on gaming

steviebomb4043d ago

I've been looking forward to this title for quite some time. I can't wait until it's released. The SingStore adds a ton of potential.

kspraydad4043d ago

first Singstar I pick up...the online element is huge ... hopefully integrated into our HOME apartments too.

The Bollywood Singstar localization will be a big seller I bet.

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