Melonie Mac's Quest for Dragon Quest

Watch my dangerous adventure to the evil post office where I battle for Dragon Quest treasure! *

*No slimes were harmed in the making of this video.

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Ninferno2822d ago

a diaper hahaha. thats too funny. thats a pretty awesome pre order bonus. no bonus dlc bologna.

MelonieMac2821d ago

One of the best preorder bonuses EVAR! Love it!

IuseC42822d ago

ZOMG that Plushy is EPIC! Love the text in between takes lol. Very well done!

MelonieMac2821d ago

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :D The plushie is indeed epic, I must say. :D

GSpartan7772821d ago

You seem more interested in the plushie than the game. ^_^ Send me the game if you are not going to play it.

MelonieMac2821d ago

hahaha! Of course I'm going to play the game. :p I'm going to make a review for it soon. :)