FTG Review: Bulletstorm

This is not your daddy’s shooter. Bulletstorm from new comers People Can Fly, Developed by Epic and Published by Electronic Arts (EA) is set to blast the shooter market in the nuts and stick a size 13 boot up its ass. How well does Bulletstorm stand up against season veterans like Call of Duty or even Killzone 3 it direct competitor? Read on to discover if Bulletstorm will skill shoot its way to victory or just be another victim of Brutal Melee!

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JATOSIN2794d ago

Seriously this is one of my favorite games, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

Kon2794d ago Show
Raven_Nomad2794d ago

Amazing games, I'm around 6 hours into the campaign. Well worth all the rave reviews it's getting. Glad to see a new IP and a change to the old stale genre that is FPS games.

ChaingunPope2794d ago

Definitely seems like a great game. I'll have to pay close attention to this one.

Ninver2794d ago

played it at mates house. We returned it shortly after. I think we're too mature for such games.

maxcavsm2794d ago

If you'd have asked me 2 hours ago, I might have said the same thing. However, there's actually a story behind the immature "dickjokes" humor nonsense.

And come on. R Lee Emry.

kaveti66162794d ago

your name is dirty beaver.

ChristianGamer2794d ago

Lol lol lol lol!! +2 for funnies

TheStonedSheep2793d ago

You have to look at it from a satire perspective, yes, there will be those who only see it for it's face value (frat boys) but for those of us who aren't into the whole "dicktits" thing, just view it as a satire of over the top, ultra-hetro, "no homo" men.

teedogg802794d ago

I'm playing Killzone 3 at the moment. But I may still have to pick up this game.

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