Portable Domination

P.J. Snavely: NBA '08 for the PSP is our fourth iteration of basketball on the handheld platform. Over the past three versions, we've always tried to be on the leading edge of combining simulation NBA basketball with some new and innovative ideas in the genre – things that would be fun and different to play. Personally, I find it very frustrating when developers bring an identical version of a sports game to the PSP, so we've gone out of our way to ensure that NBA '08 is significantly different than its PS2/PS3 brethren.

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HeartlesskizZ4091d ago

I think the psp is catching up real well. especially with the japan sell charts of the slim psp

Farsendor14091d ago

why is it titled portable domination?

HeartlesskizZ4091d ago

that how it is on the website. follow link

PJSnavely4090d ago

Its really a two-fold purpose on the title. The mode (Conquest) is all about dominating the country, one basketball city at a time. That's the main focus...the other purpose is that I think our PSP basketball is the best one out there. =) Keep reading and posting, devs are always reading the comments!

Farsendor14091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

oh well its no biggy thanks for the update blog thing like how sony devs answer peoples questions and stuff. sorry for negative add thing was meaning for it to be positive just way too sleepy ill give you positive when i can.