Joystiq: Homefront single-player preview

Joystiq writes - I was not impressed by Homefront's single-player campaign when I first previewed it three months ago. Apparently, Kaos Studios took notice.

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ironcreed2794d ago

Damn glad to read this. After seeing the footage that IGN released the other day, I just went ahead and wrote this game off entirely. Then I heard it was a really old build, so I became slightly interested again, yet cautiously optimistic. I may give this one a go after all before it's all said and done.

cochise3132794d ago

I may give this game a chance, but after KZ3 and Crysis i think I'm done with fps's for a while. Until R3 that is.

jbiz3202794d ago

goddamn.. so spring really is the new fall/winter.. this is getting ridiculous.. for my pockets ;)