All the best modern games are barely games!

As you read the title you will think that this is just a troll article, but it is not. Read on to see what I mean.

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nycrekid2846d ago

When an article starts like this then it's it what it claims it isn't.

"As you read the title you will think that this is just a troll article, but it is not. Read on to see what I mean."

RedDead2846d ago

I think it's a can't be a serious article.

Also if so, LbP has a campaign. Not just a toolbox, also I haven't made one level yet but i'm LOVING hte game. And i've played Mod Nation Racers demo about 120 times(Give or take a few) with my little brother

mightyboot2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

double post

multipayer2846d ago

Wow, your right and it did deserve a double post to warn people of this bad forum post disguised as an article.

NickN4G2846d ago

I don't want to read on to see what you mean. :/

cheese2846d ago

This is truly a piece of shit. Mods take it down please.

Xander-RKoS2846d ago

Well, lets look at what game designer and author of "Reality is Broken" Jane McGonigal has to say about this:

According to her, the four defining traits of a game are:

1) A goal, which provides the player with a sense of purpose. Play, create, share games have a goal, even if loosely defined and even Heavy Rain has at least a goal.

2) Rules that place limitations on how players can achieve the goal. All of the games mentioned have rules governing how players can play the game.

3) A feedback system: basically something to let the players know they have failed or succeeded and provides motivation. While I guess you could argue that games like Minecraft don't have much of a built in feedback system, you can still succeed and fail at self-imposed goals (which she would also argue is what makes games fun in the first place)

4) Voluntary participation. Kind of obvious that everyone needs to want to play the game for it to be a game, but these are defining features of games not common features.

So there you go. All the best modern games are still games.

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