Moto GP 10/11 Development Team Q&A

With the MotoGP 10/11 demo on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PSN, Xboxliveaddicts has an exclusive interview with the development team on what people can expect from the full game.

MotoGP 10/11 will bring fans the most authentic and realistic MotoGP experience of the series.. Gamers will get all of the 2010 MotoGP season content and downloadable updates for the 2011 MotoGP championship shortly after the season starts.

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gamerz2794d ago

Played the demo. It's a huge step up from the past Capcom Moto GPs... but still far inferior to the sadly missed THQ MotoGPs. What happened to the THQ ones?

gamerz2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I take back everything. After messing with the assists, brake settings and changed the view option to tilt, there's actually a brilliant game hiding underneath. They turn on a bunch of assists by default which completely control your bike and does it in a weird way. Turn them off and it's probably the best motorcycle racing game ever. A Must Buy for me.

Skynetone2794d ago

Did any of the team actually play the orignals, they should be ashamed of them selves for destroying moto gp

Mush xx2794d ago

Some of the team actually developed the THQ ones so yes they did :)