TGS '07: Phil Harrison Video Interview

Phil Harrison answers some interesting questions in this video interview.

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DJ4042d ago

"So what do you think about the average 12 year old who mows lawns to buy a $60 game and beats it in 5~6 hours?"

Phil handled that dumbass question quite well with "I don't know anyone that can beat Heavenly Sword in...5 to 6 hours. Maybe one of our hardcore beta testers?" The game took me 8 and a half hours to finish, and I sure as hell wouldn't complain. It seemed shorter because there wasn't any filler and the story was so engaging.

And besides, what average twelve year old is going to have a PS3 if they're mowing lawns to buy their games? If they're parents had enough money to get them a PS3, I'm pretty they're buying games for the kid as well.

ISay4042d ago

im not hard core and i beat it in 5 1/2 hours no sh1t. but i also beat mario bros in under 2 hours theirs a point to be made here.

DrWan4042d ago

what?? how did u beat it in 5.5 hrs?

vaan4042d ago

I'm glad he's at the helm. Phil Harrison is a very focused intelligent guy, and I think he will do a great job at SONY.
His answers always seem sincere to me, unlike allot of the formulaic BS, some of these execs seem to spew forth when interviewed.
He knows whats up.

AngryHippo4042d ago

.....he always seems down to earth and comes across as a decent guy. He is doing a good job for sony. Out of all the spokesman in this generation of consoles, i think Phil Harrison is by far the best.

DarkArcani4042d ago

Drilled him with some tough questions there. I have to say they were reaching a bit there with the 12 year old mowing lawns thing. I know when I was doing chores like that, I was only buying cds, not games.

Also, everyone has to stop drilling game makers for making 'short' games. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous. If the game is well made, looks great, is engaging, and fun; what is wrong with a shorter game. If your only complaint is that the game was short, your getting picky. Gears of War was short. Was it still not a good game? Besides, if you hear it is short but good, wait until the price goes down on the game.
And I know a lot of people who never finish games. They just get bored with it and get something else.

narked4041d ago

i played hl2 ep1 which lasted only 5 hrs.. i didnt complain

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The story is too old to be commented.