GMRFM: Killzone 3 review

GMRFM Evan: When Killzone 2 released in 2007 the weighty feel of its combat, rotating multiplayer modes and story split people down the middle. Guerilla has taken steps to make the first two items on the list a little more palatable to people who didn’t like them, but have unfortunately taken a few dozen steps back on Killzone 3’s single player campaign.

Things start promisingly with a nice scene setting opener that shows off the games amazing graphics. Then things warp back six months and you find yourself right outside of the building where that asshole Rico shot Autarch Visari..

Cue six hours of a single player that stops and starts more than the average Superbowl. It felt like every time I was getting into a good long sequence of the games fine shooting action that I was stopped and thrown into another boring cutscene or turret sequence.

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just so you know, Killzone 2 was not released in 2007. It was released in 2009