Loot Ninja Review: Killzone 3

Loot Ninja writes:

"Killzone 2 can easily be given the title of “Most Hyped Game” over the course of the past few years. Beginning with the CGI target-render trailer and culminating with one of the best looking games when it was released, the Helghast / ISA war has a storied past. Fast forward to the unveil of Killzone 3 with 3D gaming, Move and jetpack support. PlayStation fanboys went nuts and shooter fans rejoiced. With the game releasing today, we’re finally able to bring you our thoughts. After completing the single player campaign last week, I had to wait for the multiplayer servers to go online to get a full sense of the game before completing this review. Without further ado, here’s why you should definitely buy Killzone 3."

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TooTall192793d ago

I've been waiting for this day for a long time. I can't wait to play the full mp.

hamburger1232793d ago

im jealous.

ill have to wait till thursday....

TooTall192793d ago

I'm getting one of my copies through the mail today and one at a local store. I'm installing the map pack as we speak. (about 340 mb for 2 maps)

ian722793d ago

I have to wait 'till Friday 25th (UK). Will be at Tesco Friday morning, have got the money ready.

NAGNEWS2793d ago

wow another 10, this gets better and better

Ace_19752793d ago

I miss the beta. I miss stabbing people in the neck and watching their blood squirt out. I miss poking their eyes in to their skull with my thumbs.

Lukily I will have this on the 25th

McCullster2793d ago

Ace you are on [email protected]#ked up dude, but I like you anyway.

It sounds like from this review a lot of the downfalls of KZ2 have been fixed, and multiplayer is even better than before. Should be a definite buy.